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Why is this the best time to consider User Experience Design

Never Underestimate The Influence Of User Experience Design

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A common confusion people have been facing is the exact relation between branding and the user experience… Uncertainty is at every level, and it goes something like this… What, User Experience Design?… How? Where? Which? Etc.

Branding and UX (user experience) meet while introducing a product of any brand, a new brand website, an app, redesigning a website, etc. This proves that both are essential at every stage, and they work hand in hand!

UX is about understanding users, positive emotion-play, the journey they may prefer, etc. and then designing helpful products that encourage positive experiences.

Branding is an approach to raise belief in your customers and make them learn what to expect out of your brand. More like a technique for your voice, tone, appearance, etc. This promises your customers and sets expectations from the brand.

Hence, the branding builds user perceptions, which are then supported by experiences designed by UX designers.

Experiences with any brand touchpoint (including digital products) can either reinforce user perceptions of the brand or break them down. It’s vital to a brand’s reputation that users have not only positive experiences with a company’s digital products but experiences that reinforce the brand. Brand experience is user experience.

“Your brand is formed primarily, not by what your company says about itself, but what the company does.”

– Jeff Bezos, Amazon

We need ways of integrating brand behaviors into a digital medium like a website. It starts by looking at the types of interactions users are having online with a brand.

One way to start connecting branding with UX is to apply brand attributes to interactions. Below are a few examples of how major brands use their brand attributes to inform their interactions.

Isolated brand experiences could confuse potential customers. It’s not just about achieving visual consistency in the logo (hello open files and brand guides!). User experience is a brand experience — what it makes you see, feel, hear, taste and smell, while leaving an imprint. Branding involves how and why you choose to do those things. One without the other is like pancakes without honey — bland, and forgettable experience. Not something we should be serving up. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Sharing an example of a few things needed to execute considering branding factors along with user experience:

  • What’s your strategy for it?
  • How are you going to build it considering both?
  1. Think about the little things. A user feels excited and senses a ‘feel-good’ factor even by accomplishing the 31st level in Candy-Crush with three stars. Such things are designed in a way to bring out emotions towards the brand touchpoint of an app.
  2. Think about the big things. You might be working on just an identity, but how about your ID cards, packaging, your stationery to your hoardings and print ads? Will they look good?
  3. Do you really think it’s only visuals? It’s about designing perspective, vision, feeling, emotion, and so many things.
  4. Don’t do something because it’s what everyone’s doing. Invest in someone like Leo9 Studio. Let them think for you, with their over a decade-plus knowledge and expertise, they will take your company and make it a brand, offering experience!

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