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Working on UI Design? Get Free Vectors, Icons, Logos, And What Not!

October 18, 2019 2 min read
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A Curated List Of The Best And Free UI Design Kits And Components

Working on UI design could be extremely tiresome. Especially if you are a freelancer. I have curated a multiple website list for all the hardworking freelancers. Hoping this list will make you focus on the client’s need more than tutorials and designing software. Promising you to offer some known as well as not so known but worth checking websites for your UI designs.

Free UI Design Resources

These are free to download UI design kits available.

  • Flat Icon: Universe of 200,000+ free icons. A universe of freebies you may say

  • Pixel Buddha: No subscription! I hate those month-long trials and connect with FB and emailers and million more things others ask.

  • 365 PSD: Give away your social network details to unleash millions of vectors. (Some are paid though) 

  • Web UI Kits: Mixed feelings about this. I am convinced, though, that they do provide useful freebies. 75+ complete UI design kits are available.

  • UI Store Design: 424 Free Handpicked UI Kits for your real-life projects. That’s what they have claimed.

Looking For A Specific Upcoming Project?

Furthermore, are you specifically looking for UI Design kits in Material, Flat style, etc.? The Following are probably repeated, and multiple purposes links but are a genuine gem for freelancers: 

Material Design

  • offers Google’s Material Icons, get official material design icons. A particular website collection, but worth it. 

  • Specky Boy: They offer Unlimited Downloads: 1,000,000+ Wireframe, UI Kits, etc.

  • 365PSD Material Design UI Kit: Clubbed 1000+ collection you can use to build a website too!

Food and Drink

  • 365PSD: 50 food icon set that becomes your favorite one instantly.

  • 365PSD: Simple Line Icons for someone who prefers line icons.

  • SpeckyBoy: They offer a real colorful treat to your palette.

Flat Style

  • Flat Icon Set 1: This is a black and white set of 28 flat icons. Promise you it’s not boring though!

  • 365PSD: Collection of 35 bold line Icons, might offer a bit retro touch.

Social Networking

  • IconShock: Mix of line, flat, material, and many more to choose from.

  • Premium Pixels: Subscriber count icons are a true basic but important icon set.

  • Font Fabric: Sure knows to treat with 74 clean social media in seven styles.


  • Vecteezy: Quite an interesting collection to choose from

  • FlatIcon: 220,000+ icons to choose from. Though random but good if you want to choose selective few.

  • Icons8: Wide array of business icons. Most of your icon-search might stop here.


  • UICloud: These buttons make great use of warm colors and material design. Today’s trend somewhat revolves around this.

  • FreePik: Colorful buttons are super interesting to hover over, is this what only I feel?

  • FreePik: This is surely something you might have thought of at some point in time, I am sure of it.

Blog or Magazine

  • WebUIKit: Blog kit seems to be used a lot but offers a responsive and fresh Mobile-first UI kit. 

  • XDGuru: So fresh and with e-commerce option, this is one money making blog template!

PS Note:

I have given you the grass, click a call to action to graze on! This list is created by curating and general preferences and my choices among marketing seo / market research / mobile websites directory we have. 

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