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When the product, websites deals with repetitive tasks, it's hard to keep users excited about it. That's where UI comes into play.

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What is UI-UX?

On a website, web or mobile app, humans constanly interact with multiple elements. While a good UI (User Interface) ensures that user is able to do his/her task without being lost, UX (User Experience) ensures that the design is intuitive and evokes the right emotions and empowers the user. User engagement happens when UI & UX work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

For one, UI (User Interface) is a part of UX (User Experience). Secondly, while UI is more element-focused and design-based, UX is more conceptually inclined. UX focuses on the overall experience of the user with the product or service. It is used for both physical and digital products, while UI is only digital.

Where can you find great UI designers?

Leo9 studio is a UI Design company comprising experienced professionals with a passion for the latest technology and market trends. As part of our user experience design services, we use advanced tools that ensure that your UI design stands the test of time. Our UI design teams understand dynamic aesthetic sensibilities along with user preferences thanks to our neuromarketing approach.

What makes a great UI design?

A great UI design is one that:

  • has an eye-catching layout
  • is easy to navigate
  • is efficient, durable and accurately represents the brand values