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HungerPacks helps you know your packaged food better. Every individual and every review makes this community a place for food lovers to know and choose their packaged food better.

  • UI UX
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Branding
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Scope of work.

The project involved Graphic designers, UX-UI designers, illustrators and developers who combined their efforts to deliver a robust digital product
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Designed brand logo and guidelines that suited best for the business.

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UX Design

Keeping the target audience in mind the UX design was made very simple using the KISS principle.

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UI Design

The colors and illustrations were designed to suit the business following a component-based design system.

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Our experienced developers completed their job by developing a fully functional mobile app, keeping experience design at the core.

Project Goals.

Get the user educated about the packaged food comparison and give them access to real reviews on the go.

Brand Awareness

Get User Educated

Easy Access to Reviews



We spoke to the target audience; our age group was of 18 to 35 years. Conducted a survey asking for their view on the comparison of packaged food and awareness of actual reviews on the product they use.

Key take away.


No Platform Available


No idea about different products


Need real reviews


Need easy access to compare

User Flow.

Following the research & strategy phase, we created user stories and user flow map that depicts the journey of both the user.

Scan Barcode

Landing Screen

Product Reviews

Product Page

Read / Write Reviews

Review Section

Share Reviews With Others

Share Modal

Invite Friends

Referral Screen

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With a detailed study, designers began to visualize the ideas and thoughts to create an experience. Many factors affected the execution, such as experience, aesthetic considerations, taste, understanding the design principles, and knowledge.


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Design Components.

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Just scan the barcode and find the best available product on your fingertips. Brand awareness created and mobile app for easy access to users. They can compare the packaged food in few seconds with exclusive reviews from real users.


Retentions with 2000+ downloads every day.


All it takes for users to scan and compare.


Active Users.

It's Beta!

Please ignore issues, if any.

Don't mind the bugs and typos too.